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Welcome to the KSW Law Blog. On this blog, we discuss important issues of interest regarding employment and labour law.

Employment & Labour Law

Our team of employment & labour lawyers is committed to providing clients with strong, efficient legal service tailored to meet their objectives and needs. We serve clients across a range of employment law issues including:

Providing Comprehensive Representation To Employers and Employees

Our commitment is to protect the best interests of both employers and employees. We advise our clients across a range of employment law issues, helping to reduce stress and unnecessary complications. We take a proactive approach when preparing each case and while we are experienced litigators, we believe in the importance of investigating alternative ways to resolve disputes.

We understand that navigating British Columbia's employment laws can be complicated and are dedicated to making the process easier for you. From helping with administrative tribunals to assisting with the preparation of severance packages, we offer the guidance and support that you need.

Personal Injury Lawyers in Abbotsford and Langley

Dealing with a serious personal injury due to others’ negligence (or even deliberate recklessness) can be very taxing. Whether it’s a car accident or work injury, that kind of injury can suddenly change your life. However, not being able to work due to a certain mishap can entitle you to compensation. Kane Shannon Weiler LLP in Abbotsford may just be the answer you're looking for.

As a personal injury lawyer in Abbotsford and Langley, Peter Unruh offers a wide variety of legal services, including help with ICBC claims and a special focus on compensation for personal injuries.