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Mike Weiler has more than 35 years experience in the ever evolving world of employment, labour and human rights law. And experience in this area is critical to protect our clients—this is where law is not just a science but most often an art.  Judgment is critical for our clients and that is what we bring to the table based on our years of experience. This means first and foremost knowing the law—keeping updated and current. Experience also means knowing the players in the game and their processes—the LRB, the Employment Standards branch, WorkSafeBC, the courts etc. It means not only seeing the immediate problem and potential solutions but also being aware where actions taken now might lead.  Mike often counsels “When you throw a rock in the pond you cannot simply look at the splash zone—you must anticipate and consider the ripples.” It is important to not only help you out of the problems you now face but help you anticipate and respond to the problems you will encounter.

Experience means your lawyer appears regularly before arbitrators, the B.C. Labour Relations Board, the Canada Industrial Relations Board, the B.C. and federal Employment Standards Branch and Tribunals, the federal and provincial Human Rights Tribunals and commissions, WorkSafeBC  and the WCAT as well as appearing before the BC Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal.

Mike follows his family tradition and roots from Thunder Bay, Ontario, not only practicing law but practicing in this unique area of employment and labour law.

Mike’s experience is not limited to practicing law.  He draws on his other experiences to give him the perspective to assist clients. For example Mike runs the officiating program at the Arbutus Club hockey program that strives for inclusiveness; where teaching young people discipline, judgment and confidence reminds us that we can only be the best we can be when we have mentors and advisors who can help us shape our actions. Those same principles apply to your business and your problems. And experience means broadening one’s horizons beyond law—to business, to world events, to sports, to politics and all that affects our lives and our businesses.

Experience means knowing your client’s business and needs. Mike strives to learn all about you and your business in order to truly understand your problems. It means knowing “when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em” and when to tell your client, it’s better to pay a settlement than to pay more legal fees.

Mike provides the experience, judgment, perspective and foresight you need to manage your employment and labour needs.

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