At Kane Shannon Weiler LLP, our employment and labour lawyers frequently represent clients across a range of administrative law matters. With our extensive experience and practical skills delivering administrative law services, we can help you navigate the unique rules and processes of all the employment and labour tribunals including:

  • Employment Standards Tribunal of BC
  • Labour Relations Board of British Columbia
  • Canada Industrial Relations Board
  • Public Service Labour Relations Board
  • WorkSafeBC Review Division
  • Worker's Compensation Appeal Tribunal
  • BC Human Rights Tribunal
  • Canadian Human Rights Tribunal
  • Social Security Tribunal of Canada

We take a solutions-oriented approach and are committed to providing our clients with comprehensive but affordable representation. If you disagree with the Tribunal's decision, we have the means and expertise to pursue appeals, as well as challenge decisions through the courts, on judicial review. For other areas of administrative law, ask us how to introduce you to other lawyers at KSW who have appropriate experience.


We have been providing administrative law legal services to clients in Abbotsford, Langley, Surrey, White Rock, the Fraser Valley since 1973 and now Vancouver. Contact our firm at 604-591-7321, 877-738-3797 (toll free), or 604 336 7423 (Vancouver), or email us to discuss your claim. Our Employment & Labour Group lawyers include Chris D. Drinovz, Michael J. Weiler, Melanie Booth and Jesse Dunning.